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All of our pet puppies are sold on CKC registered Non-breeding agreements
and are guaranteed to the age of 4. 
In Canada, it is against
Federal law, to sell a dog as a purebred dog,
without being registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.
The dog/puppy must also be identified with either a tattoo or micro-chip
before leaving the breeder's premises.

Monark Great Pyrenees we take special pleasure in whelping
and raising our litters.  It's an exciting and special time but it's also
a very busy time that requires lots of time and dedication. Our puppies
are whelped in a calm and clean environment and are handled from day one. 
 They are well loved and socialized on an ongoing basis so that they grow
and thrive and become well adjusted puppies that are ready to take on the
 world with self confidence and enthusiasm. 
Our puppies are raised in our home and are an
 important part of our family.

Pyrenees have great temperaments,
 but characters are different and depending on their lineage
 they can be more demanding, active, big, stubborn,
soft, sensitive etc.



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