Lilas Show Results
Association Canine Chalevoisienne
July 11,12, 2009
Baie St-Paul, QC

Sunday AM; Group 2nd  under Ron Mahon

Sunday AM; Group 2nd  under Rita Walker

Saturday; Group 1st  under Joe Lobb


Moncton Kennel Club
November 08,09, 2008
Moncton, NB


Saturday; Group 2nd   under Janet Lobb


Island Dog Club
October 24,25,26, 2008
Charlottetown, PE


Friday; Group 3rd  under Alan Brown


Cobequid Dog Club
October 11,12, 2008
Bible Bill, NS



Sunday ; Group 4th under Tomas Alexander


Miramichi Kennel Club (4 Show)
September 27,28, 2008
Sunny Corner, NB

Sunday PM; Group 4th under Avery Gaudin

Sunday AM; Group 2nd  under Doug Gaudin

Saturday; Group 3rd  under Ole Nielsen


Pictou County Kennel Club
 September 13,14, 2008
Trenton, NS

Sunday; Group 3rd under Judith Hunt

Saturday; Group 4th under Charles Hunt


Halifax Kennel Club
August 30,31, September 01, 2008
Halifax, NS

Monday; Group 3rd under Rosemary Shoreman


Cape Breton Kennel Club
August 23,24, 2008
Glace Bay, NS

Saturday; Group 3rd under Guy Geavons


Dartmouth Kennel Club
August 09,10, 2008
Dartmouth, NS

Sunday ; Group 3rd under Fred Gordon

Saturday ; Group 3rd under Heather Langfeld


Fredericton Kennel Club
July 25,26,27, 2008
Fredericton, NB

Sunday; Group 3rd under Ray Smith

Friday; Group 3rd under John Ross


Lady Slipper Kennel Club
July 12,13, 2008
Kensington, PEI


Saturday; Group 4th under Larry Kereluke


Bluewater Kennel Club
July 8,9, 2008
, Ont

Wednesday; Group 3rd under Neil Grave


Kawartha Kennel Club
July 4,5,6,7, 2008
Peterborough, Ont

Monday; Group 2nd under Peggy Gutierrez-Otero (Mexico)


Bobcaygeon Kennel Club
July 1,2,3, 2008
 Lindsay, Ont

 Wednesday; Group 3rd under Ole Nielsen

Tuesday; Group 2nd under Susan Badick


Evangeline Kennel Club
June 28,29, 2008
Canning, NS


Saturday; Group 3rd under Donald Duncan


Abegweit Kennel Club
June 21,22, 2008 (4 Shows) 

Sunday AM ; Group 1st  under J. Ganoza (Peru)

Saturday PM ; Group 1st  under G. Soares (Brazil)


South Shore KC
June 7, 2008
Lunenburg, NS


Saturday ; Group 2nd under Guy Geavons


Chaleur Canine Club
May 24,25, 2008 (4 Shows) 
Beresford, NB


Sunday AM ;
Group 2nd under Alan Bennett

Saturday PM ; Group 3rd under David Markus

Saturday AM ; Group 1st  and 
Best In Show under
Richard Fehler


Tantramar Kennel Club
May 17,18, 2008 (4 Shows) 
Amherst, NS

Saturday AM ; Group 3rd under Mrs. Virginia Lyne

Saturday PM ; Group 4th under Mr. Donald Wallace



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