My name is Sabrina Simard. My passion for animals and in particular way for dogs born deeply with me. I came to recognize that thiswas the breed, and today I'm grateful that  I took this turn and road in my life, dogs who give me so much. We have now another  wonderful breed, the Newfounflands. As my husband Maxim, always says to me, it has been one great fortune to met a partner of life animated from the same passion, and especially with this particular passion. Together we have learnt to know, to love and live with Great Pyrenees. This has not always been simple as some of you, but not all, know, this is a great passion in which we are all much involved.

The goal of the Monark Great Pyrenees breeding program is to develop a line of Pyrenees that will improve the overall health of the breed while conforming to the AKC / CKC breed standard in both temperament and physical characteristics (conformation). Since our puppies are placed as companions in loving homes, we need to make sure they will live long, happy & healthy lives.

It is true that no breeder can 100% guarantee the health of any animal but, through careful breeding standards, hip scoring all breeding stock and genetic screening, we make every effort to avoid any problems. Since we are not a "volume kennel" we can be very selective in planning the direction of the Monark line and are proud of the puppies we produce.


We propose one rigorous selection in order to obtain more and more valid dogs lacking in those defect that if neglected, would come out unavoidably transmitted to future generations and compromising some subjects that might come to you

Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)
 Great Pyrenees Club of Canada (GPCC)
 Great Pyrenees Club of America (GPCA)

*Our family of Champions have hip and elbows certifications from OFA respectively*


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